one minute of laughter boosts the immune system for 24 hours


At WWO, we not only help children get the health basics they need to live...but also the stimulation they need to THRIVE. We have 43 toy libraries in five countries around the world filled with developmentally appropriate toys that are engaging children in creative play and encouraging them to create connections within themselves and with their community.


homegrown heroes

what we do

Worldwide Orphans rehabilitates communities plagued by extreme poverty and natural disaster by equipping vulnerable children with the necessary skills to thrive and become the transformational leaders their communities need.


global commitment to all children

WWO currently works in Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Haiti, Serbia, Vietnam, and the United States, conducting our work with an unwavering commitment to the rights of all children.


our curriculum

The rights of children to survive and develop to their full potential are embodied in Element of Play® and are implicit to the child’s right to participate in arts, music, dance, theater, reading, sport, play and imagination. Through our trademarked curriculum materials, we train adults from the community to be Element of Play® teachers. By facilitating a positive relationship between children and adults, we are able to change the trajectory of the lives of each person involved. Our vision is to implement thousands of Element of Play® sites around the world.