Blue Glasses Campaign

Get involved

Donate now. Your contribution will bring life skills, community connection and hope to vulnerable children around the world.

Spread the Word

  • Take a picture of yourself in blue pipe cleaner glasses (or any blue glasses!) and post it to our Flickr page alongside WWO supporters like Andrew Garfield, Heidi Klum, Seal, and Kyle MacLaughlan and others.
  • "Like" WWO's Facebook page and invite your friends to join us.
  • Follow us on Twitter.

Organize a fundraiser or recognize life’s milestones

  • Create your personal fundraising page on our website.  Go to Count Me In
    to get started.

  • Celebrate your next birthday party, Bar/Bat Mitzah, wedding, graduation or other important event by asking loved ones to make a contribution to WWO.
  • Sponsor an event at your house for a set admission, or request donations. We will send you printed brochures, DVDs of our work and pledge cards. You can organize a cocktail reception, a dinner, a dance, or even a movie evening or a game night.

Visit the WWO Store

WWO cards make great gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day, teachers, and other special people and events. All proceeds go to WWO's programs.


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