WWO Academy


The WWO Academy is a free primary school in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Academy enrolls children living in orphanages and children from the local community, which is one of the poorest in Addis Ababa.  Children with and without HIV attend. The Academy is licensed by the Ministry of Education, employs Ethiopian administrators and teachers, and offers a unique curriculum rich in arts, and teacher-training. The Academy serves two healthy meals a day, and ensures that all students receive medical services.

WWO Academy Objectives

  • Add three classes per grade per year through primary school;
  • Integrate global arts through teacher training and curriculum;
  • Enroll students in WWO Camp Addis in order to build life skills, continue learning, medical care and nutrition;
  • Involve orphanage caregivers, parents, extended family and the community in WWO Academy;
  • Ensure that orphans can build productive lives as integrated members of their communities.

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