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WWO recognizes that through the arts, children are able to express themselves, communicate to others and feel a sense of their own power and worth.  We integrate the arts into all our programs whenever possible.

The WWO Academy is the model for our Global Arts Program. The arts are integrated into the daily curriculum, in the teacher-training modules, and as a unique subject matter.

 WWO curriculum specialists have worked with staff and teachers as well as conducted classes with students. They have helped to assist with curriculum development and introduce progressive, child-centered teaching techniques and assessment tools.

Accomplished teaching artists in music and drama work directly with the music and drama teachers at the Academy. They have brought books and teaching resources and worked one on one with the local Global Arts teachers to develop their capacity and skills and to train the other staff to integrate the arts in the classroom.

Books and resources have been hand picked to meet curricula needs while a reinforcing and strengthening teaching materials in the arts.

Music in Motion is designed to be user-friendly.  It consists of a music kit with four CDs, instruction cards, a parachute, and assorted percussion instruments. The kit guides users through a series of movements that stretch small bodies and minds.  The music is lively and engaging.
Activities include imaginative movement stories, i.e., getting ready for school; acting out the morning routine; moving like sea-creatures and dancing like flowers. Both children and adults march in a band and lead rhythm activities.

The goal is to provide a musical/movement play experience for children alongside their caregivers.  The children learn:

    •    Listening skills
    •    Vocabulary
    •    Gross Motor development
    •    Fine motor skills
    •    Social Connections
    •    Imaginative and creative thinking
    •    Self-expression, confidence
    •    Joy in music and movement

Activities are open and child-driven. Children are free to enjoy and explore the music and movement in their own way. As a result, the Music in Motion program can continue to delight children and caregivers as it provides access to the arts that is age-appropriate and endlessly creative.

All that’s needed is devoted adults eager to spend creative time with young children and a source to play the CDs.

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