There are 121 million children out of school and
101 million are of primary school age.


Without an education, children are destined to repeat the cycle of poverty. Orphans, who age out of institutions at 14 or 16 without education are condemned to a life on the streets, of begging or worse.

WWO believes that once we have saved their lives with medical care and treatment, we are committed to making those lives worth living – and that means education.

College Assistance

WWO has launched an innovative program to underwrite academic and living costs for orphans from a WWO program who are accepted by an accredited college, university or training school in their own country. This is indeed the next step in transforming lives!

Learn more about College Assistance Program, Serbia

Educational Support

Children with HIV/AIDS are still discriminated against and barred from attending local schools in many parts of the world. WWO addresses this issue by supporting teachers within the orphanage setting while working with the community to overcome prejudice and fear.

Learn more about Educational Support, Vietnam

Primary Education

WWO primary school is based on a combination of required curriculum and a healthy addition of the best of progressive education, including our global arts curriculum, teacher-training and mentoring, small classes and attention to the needs of children living in orphanages, in poverty, and with HIV.

Learn more about WWO Academy, Ethiopia




What We Do

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