Toy Library Investment Fund


Launch Event | Hotel Grand Union, NYC | Thursday, May 9, 2019

We are launching a financial campaign for our WWO supporters which will provide long-term funding to scale our toy libraries all over the world. Our initial goal is a $1 million endowment, and each year we will renew this effort in order to build ample capital to deploy toy libraries with momentum, capacity building, and sustainability.

The toy libraries will be set up in towns and cities all over the world, using the models that we have perfected in our 50 current toy libraries. All of the toy libraries will be monitored by Element of Play© professionals and evaluated using rigorous data collection and analysis to provide evidence for our theory of change – that play can be used to positively affect outcomes for both adults and children – and end violence and child abuse through play.

It is our hope that in the decades ahead, WWO can develop a completely new line of work called the “Toy Librarian” to grow mentors and teachers of play from within the community who have the highest professional status of pedagogue. We envision a fleet of highly trained mentors whose raison d’etre is to protect children forever.

The toy libraries will be studied for five years in order to create social impact and demonstrate return on investment (ROI) using robust metrics. The town/city will then purchase the toy library and assume management with WWO committing to continue training staff to ensure that a level of program excellence is sustainable in perpetuity.

On March 1, 2019, we began a silent phase with outreach to donors who are committed to supporting TLIF. As a result, we have already secured commitments totaling $50,000. On Thursday, May 9, at HGU in Manhattan, we will celebrate all those interested in supporting TLIF. We will then go back to a quiet phase until we reach our goal of $1 million.

We ask you to contribute to the Toy Library Investment Fund to help us deploy thousands of toy libraries to end violence against children and support communities in changing the trajectory of children’s lives through play.

Chad Hancock