toy library investment fund

The Toy Library Investment Fund (TLIF) will provide long-term funding to scale our Toy Libraries in the US and around the world. TLIF will create an endowment that will be renewed each year in an effort to build ample capital to deploy toy libraries with a focus on capacity building and sustainability.

We ask you to contribute to the Toy Library Investment Fund to help us deploy thousands of toy libraries to end violence against children and support communities in changing the trajectory of children’s lives through play.

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of play

Element of Play® is a program developed by WWO to transform the lives of children and families in communities impacted by the trauma of conflict, disaster and poverty. The evidence-based program helps children meet developmental milestones in the areas of communication, social-emotional, fine & gross motor and cognition, and build the necessary skills to engage with their peers for both social and academic success. Through Element of Play® workforce development, adults employed from the community gain an increased understanding of child development and acquire transferable skills to further their education and career.


who we serve

In 2017, WWO served more than 8,000 children and families around the world through Element of Play® and our 45 Toy Libraries. Our cross-cultural programs are designed to help every child thrive. WWO serves marginalized children and the adults in their lives with special focus on children:

  • Without parental care
  • Living in poverty
  • With disabilities
  • Living with HIV
  • Living on the street
  • Who are in crisis
  • Who are immigrants and refugees

our results


After only one year in Element of Play® children are catching up developmentally and getting ready for school, and adults are demonstrating significant skillset development. 



IMPROVEMENT in EARLY CHILDHOOD problem solving skills

Children in Vietnam more than doubled their personal-social scores on standardized tests and showed a 74% improvement in problem solving skills over a one-year period.


Improved Attachment

88% of adults trained in Element of Play® conveyed more acceptance and warmth, supporting children’s self-esteem and behavioral adjustment.


improved literacy Skills

96% of adults trained in Element of Play® began using more descriptive language, which helps to promote the early language and communication skills that are crucial for a child’s success.